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Salamis organization select DAF XF

January 14, 2021

Based on the exceptional reliability, fuel efficiency and the name of DAF, the Salamis organization once again placed an order to ERGOTRAK for 8 DAF XF 530 SSC trucks. The order was delivered and the new trucks received the best impressions.

Salamis Organization is one of the most important companies in the field of Tourism, Cruise, Shipping, Ship Management, Shipping Agency, Logistics / Warehousing, Customs Clearance and Freight Transport. Salamis also has privately owned containers, platforms, trucks and trailer refrigerators that transport all types of goods to and from Europe, Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Jordan. It also specializes in the transportation and storage of goods / machinery related to Hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean (Oil and Gas Logistics).

The Salamis fleet is enriched with eight DAF XF trucks which are distinguished for top reliability, durability, fuel economy, efficiency as well as unparalleled driver comfort.