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Spare Parts

The suitable spare part for every Truck, Bus, Generator set, Forklift truck

Genuine spare parts

Are you looking for parts? Look no further than our Genuine Spare Parts. We have everything you need. We offer a wide range of parts and accessories in various price categories. Genuine Spare Parts (all brands) are produced using the latest technology and first-class materials. Our Genuine Parts also satisfy the strictest environmental standards.

The benefits of Genuine Spare Parts

Choose our Genuine Parts and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Compliant with the strictest safety, performance, and environmental standards
  • Parts that are 100% tailored to your heavy vehicle or machinery
  • Complementary parts guaranteed to function perfectly together
  • Reliability through comprehensive testing
    Lower maintenance costs per kilometer
  • Lower risk of downtime
    Technicians with many years of experience, expertise, and service
  • ERGOTRAK full warranty, both on parts and on labor costs
  • Your truck/machinery will remain in top condition and deliver optimum performance

Why using genuine spare parts

  • The use of non-genuine parts may reduce the performance, increase downtime and in the long run cause significant damages.
  • Don’t undertake unnecessary risks, bear in mind that you are not saving money by choosing cheaper and lower quality parts. Long term, total cost will be higher if you consider downtime and the cost of additional repairs.
  • Always use genuine parts from ERGOTRAK’s authorized sales points.


Spare parts warranty policy In order to ensure the investment of our customers, all our spare parts series are covered by manufacturer Warranty

Support - Reliability

Through an online platform are displayed all the technical spreadsheets and the latest spare parts. Thus ERGOTRAK is able to answer all the questions of its customers, accurately.

Availability – delivery time

The ordering system ensures a continuous increase in availability and ensures delivery in time. The spare parts department has central, state-of-the-art and automated warehouses in Magoula, Attica and a significant stock of spare parts in the ERGOTRAK branch in Thessaloniki and in the ERGOTRAK Store in Egaleo, Attica. With daily shipments we serve all areas of Greece and spare parts are delivered immediately.