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Standby power by ERGOTRAK & Cummins

September 14, 2017

Halyps Cement, a company with long history and traditions, is part of Heidelberg Cement Group, the second-largest cement supplier in the world. Long-term investment by the group has resulted in a large number of cement plants, with high-quality standards for production, working conditions, and environmental awareness.

Among its operations in Greece is a production plant in the Attica region, the Halyps plant at Aspropirgos, which was in need of standby power to back up auxiliary equipment in case of grid failure. The plant is a very large one, loading the cement it produces into trucks for road transport, or directly onto ships at its own private port. The plant’s dockside location means that the new standby power system would have to cope with high salt content in the air, as well as the high levels of dust characteristic of any concrete plant.

Two Cummins C450D5eB enclosed generator sets now provide the standby power for pumps, ovens, lighting, and the uninterruptible power supply system, with Cummins distributor ERGOTRAK providing ongoing service and support.

Cummins quality rests on a number of factors, including nearly 100 years of experience, investment in technology and a local presence close to customers worldwide. Uniquely, Cummins products are manufactured using The Power of One™, which means every product is designed, developed, manufactured, and delivered through a single global enterprise.